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Water Body
A water body is an entity used to describe the water source. Three types of water bodies are taken into consideration i.e. Handpump, Well and Tanka.
Tanka is a type of water body / source of water. This is decribed in the following way. Tanka is an underground cemented water reservoir to collect rain water or to collect water from tanker brought from external sources.
A mohallah is the smallest unit of locality representation. A mohallah represents some pocket of human population, cattle counts and water bodies. Every mohallah is in a village. In other words, many mohallahs form a village. A group villages constitutes a district. A group of districts constitutes states.
Water harvesting Level
This is a type of report generated by Neerjaal system. The report generated is based on live data feed from the villagers. Water harvestiving level indicated the amount / volume (in Liter) of water collected in underground reservoir i.e. Tanka for the selected period. The volume collected in the selected period is compared with the same period of the previous year and the difference indicates the trend of deviation. If the deviation is on the positive side - it indicates improvement in the water harvesting activities in the region, otherwise it is not good and needs proper improvement in local awareness and corrective measures immediately.
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